Payments & Insurance

We are licensed clinical psychologists, and thus our psychotherapy services qualify for patient reimbursement under most insurance plans.  However, we do not accept direct payment from insurance companies.  We also do not accept Medicare.  You are responsible for the full payment, in the form of credit card, Health Savings Account (HSA) card, check, or cash at the time of sessions.  It is your choice whether to use insurance to reimburse you for therapy.

We will provide you a detailed receipt that includes the information needed to submit a claim to your insurance.  You should be aware that insurance companies require information about the dates of treatment and a brief description of the services provided, and most also require a clinical diagnosis.

To find out how much of our fee would be reimbursed, you might want to contact your insurance carrier and inquire about: (1) “out-of-network” benefits for psychotherapy provided by a licensed clinical psychologist (CPT code for a typical 50-min session is 90834), and (2) deductible, if any, and how much of it you have already met.

We will be happy to discuss any questions you might have about this process.  Please contact us with any inquiries or concerns.